Ultrasonic Gas Flowmeter

Ultrasonic Gas Flowmeter

General Information

Ultrasonic gas flowmeters provide higher accuracy, greater rangeability, and advanced flow meter diagnostics, with no moving parts practically eliminating pressure loss common to other types of flow measurement devices. This advanced ultrasonic measurement technology can be applied to custody transfer, allocation measurement, check metering, leak detection, and inventory control applications.


Ultrasonic Gas Flowmeter can be used in process measuring and custody transfer metering in fields such as gas production of oilfields, energy, and environmental protection. Compared with traditional flowmeters, ultrasonic gas flowmeter with remarkable performance like low pressure, low velocity, no pressure loss, and high accuracy, is becoming the most advanced and quickly developed new flowmeter.


Compared with traditional flowmeter, CFM-UGFM has outstanding features:

-Good performance for measuring low-frequency pulsating flow and stable flow;

-Can be used for the gas with little vapor or coal tar;

-High accuracy up to 0.5%, and repeatability less than 0.1%;

-Wide turndown ratio, up to 1:30;

-Bi-direction measurement, suitable for slight working pressure and low flow velocity;

-Multi-path measurement can reduce the influence of turbulent flow, and the meter can also work typically when one path is broken down;

-No movable parts inside, near no pressure drop, little maintenance;

-Self-diagnose function will help to judge, correct and alarm for failures, thus reducing measurement loss;

-It can output flow rate in standard conditions after temperature and pressure compensation.


Diameter DN25-DN300 (Please consult supplier for other diameters)
Medium Gas
Accuracy ±0.5%, ±1.0%, ±1.5%
Channel Number 1~4 (Please consult supplier for more channels)
Output Pulse: 0-2KHz

Analog: 4-20mA; 200Ω~600Ω

Communication RS485
Power Supply 9~36V DC (≤7W)
Measuring Value Working flow rate

Standard flow rate

Temperature (integrated temperature sensor)

Pressure (integrated pressure sensor)

Velocity of sound

Pressure Rating 1.6~42Mpa
Range ratio Max 1:30
Protection IP65
Explosion-proof ExdibⅡBT4
Working Temperature -40℃~+50℃
Max. Overload Flowrate 120%