Oval Gear Flowmeter

Oval Gear Flowmeter


Oval Gear flowmeter is installed in the metering tank and the measurement of a pair of oval box gear, with the upper and lower cover an early Lunar sealed cavity (due to rotation of the gear, so sealing is not an absolute) as a unit of emissions. When measured by the pipe into the liquid flow meter, due to pressure generated by the inlet and outlet to promote a pair of differential gears for rotation, the constant measurement by cavity after the beginning of the Lunar liquid delivery to the exit, elliptical gear with each revolution time displacement is the product of four times the measured volume of liquid flow.


Oval gear flowmeter is categorized as positive displacement flow technology. When liquid flows through this type of positive displacement flowmeter, two oval-geared rotors measure a constant volume per rotation within a precisely machined measuring chamber. With each rotation, a constant volume of liquid is measured. The rotation of the oval gears is sensed via magnets embedded within the rotors. These magnets transmit a high-resolution pulse output. The output signal can be processed externally via a remote display controller or PLC or via a variety of output/display options available as accessories attached to the flowmeters.

-The spiral rotor rotates evenly with low vibration.
-Wide measurement range and good repeatability.
-High accuracy up to ±0.2%.
-Not sensitive to the viscosity change
-Higher viscosity liquids measurement.
-Easy installation, the straight pipe is not necessary.


Diameter DN10-DN200
Accuracy ±0.5% of rate; ±0.2% is optional
Medium Temperature -20℃~100℃ as default
Medium Viscosity 2~8mpa.s
Nominal Pressure Cast Iron: 1.0 Mpa, 1.6Mpa
Cast Steel: 2.5Mpa, 4.0Mpa, 6.4Mpa
Output pulse voltage; 4~20mA
Communication RS232, RS485
Power Supply Battery supply; DC3.6V, the battery lasts for 2 years, the battery icon will flash in the low battery to prompt the user to replace the battery.
DC 24V-DC 12V; Pulse output, 4- 20mA output, communication, and automatic heating require an external power supply.
Process Connection Flange (DIN, ANSI, JIS, etc.)
Thread Connection
Body Material Cast Iron, Cast Steel, SS304, SS316