Liquid Turbine Flowmeter

Liquid Turbine Flowmeter


Liquid Turbine flowmeters are simple to operate and maintain and are in service worldwide as a reliable, cost-effective method for achieving accurate flow measurement. Turbine flow meters are designed to maximize throughput and minimize pressure drop, maintain high flow rates over an extended flow range and offer pulse output that is linear to the flow rate. The turbine meters also minimize fiscal measurement uncertainty by delivering high-frequency pulse resolution to account for minute increments of the flow rate.


Liquid turbine flowmeter is based on the torque balance principle and belongs to speed flow meters. It has the characteristics of simple structure, lightweight, high precision, good reproducibility, sensitive response, convenient installation, maintenance, and use, etc. It is an ideal instrument for flow measurement and energy saving. Main applications include water, diesel oil, methanol, and other liquids without impurities and strong corrosiveness.


-Simple structure, lightweight, high accuracy, good repeatability.
-Multiple outputs can be optional.
-Low power consumption, long life, and easy to operate.
-High-definition backlight LCD.
-Professional explosion-proof enclosure.


Diameter DN4-DN200

(DN4-DN40 supports thread connection; DN15-DN200 supports

flange connection

Accuracy ±0.5% as default
Sensor Material SS304 as default; SS316L is optional
Ambient Temperature -20℃~60℃
Medium Temperature -20℃~120℃
Protect Level IP65
Output Pulse, 4~20mA
Communication Modbus-RS485
Power Supply 24V DC as default; battery & 220V AC as optional
Electrical Interface Basic type: Horseman connector or three-conductor cable

Explosion-proof type: M20*1.5

Explosion-proof ExdIICT4
Process Connection Flange/wafer/thread/tri-clamp