OEM Service

OEM Service

OEM is one of the most important services for us. Our professional services include: color customize (converter & sensor); nameplate & screen panel customize; technical documents customize and structure customize (MOQ request).


Part of the customers are famous locally, so they would like to put their company information and logo on the meter & screen. They only need to share the HD information, then we can start the design.
Besides company information, customers also have requirements about device color customize. We can support even though 1pcs purchasing (part of the equipment).
For techincal documents like equipment brochures, product manuals, and calibration reports, we can provide customized (both soft & hard copies) freely.


Small MOQ

Small purchasing amounts OEM is acceptable (even though 1 pcs is also available for part equipment color design).

Free Service

Most OEM service is free of charge (except equipment structure design).

Confidentiality Mechanism

We will not share the OEM information and achievement with other customers (especially in the same countries & regions).